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American Curl

Many breeds are often described as having a reputation for retaining their kittenhood and being very playful and intelligent. Never has this applied to a breed more than the American Curl. Introduce a new toy or game to a household of American Curls with ages ranging from four months to ten years and all will immediately take on the character of a six month old kitten. Quickly and eagerly taking part in the new game.

American Curls are well known for their head bumps. Some individuals are more fond of it than others, but all American Curls adore greeting their best friends, whether human, feline or canine with a light bump on the head. I have been woken up in the middle of the night by an American Curl insistent that despite the ungodly hour, now was the time to head butt me on the nose affectionately.

Extremely active and with boundless energy, the American Curl can leave one breathless with their never ending antics. Particularly in their first year, it would be perhaps advisable to have loose ornaments and breakables put away or in a safe place. An American Curl stays still only when sleeping.

Whilst an American Curl will gladly shower any person with their adoration, they will sometimes bond particularly closely with an individual. They famously get along with other cats and animals, rarely partaking in the household's politics. Rather keeping the peace than antagonising a charged atmosphere. Often they seem quite oblivious to the potential storm hovering around them. American Curls often seem to show an inherent respect towards current pet occupants, giving them plenty of room to adjust to the new baby in the house.

Remarkably attentive and almost dog-like to their owners, American Curls sometimes show an unusual fascination in the television. Many times they will follow their owners around everywhere and attempt to involve themselves in every task their human partner gets involved in. American Curls can range from quiet to very talkative, expressed in little trill-like cooing sounds.

An American Curl's ears should be handled gently. Rough handling can damage the cartilage. Don't try to bend the ear into an unnatural position.

American Curls are often called the Peter Pan of the cat world because of their kitten like personality that remains unchanged into adulthood.

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