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LaPerms are very inquisitive and adore getting into mischief. Many have figured out how to open cupboard doors, for no other reason than having the pleasure of being able to know that they can do it! They are very gentle and during play will rarely withtract their nails or use their teeth. Often LaPerms will seek out human contact and will purr the moment they become aware of your presence. LaPerms are face lovers and will regularly reach for your face with their paws, rubbing their heads against every part of their body that they can reach in their spirited efforts. LaPerms adore being kissed and will readily kiss back. They beg to be held or draped over your shoulder, or cradled in your arms.

The LaPerm is a relatively quiet breed, but very quickly voice their opinion when they want something their own way. Whilst on the one hand the LaPerm is described as being quiet, they also are very talkative and when you return home from a long day at the office, will quickly inform you how their day went, chattering on forever until they are finished and are then off to discover what other secrets they can uncover in the garden.

Fortunately LaPerms adapt extremely well to living in a flat because of their strong bonding instincts. They often bond to one person and will often prefer human companionship over other feline company. However the majority of LaPerms share their affection and incredible personality with any passerby, whether they've known them for ten years or ten minutes! Likewise they are very amiable towards other cats and new introductions are usually done with ease, no matter the age, sex or breed of cat.

Very intelligent, particularly when the need for mischief presents itself, LaPerms are also superb lap warmers and never grow out of their kittenhood. Many will learn to do tricks such as fetch and learn remarkably quickly and easily to walk on a leash.

Unusually many LaPerms show quite an affinity for water and are regularly running around outside in the rain whilst a thunderous storm roaring above their unperturbed heads. Often seen at the tap begging for the faucet to be switched on, sometimes only for their own demented pleasure to see it run or to playfully paw the running water. If the weather is warm enough some will often collapse into the sink, allowing the water to flow freely over them. However one must be careful, as they can be a bit clumsy at times and running a bath will often send your LaPerm scurrying for the bathroom, where filling hot water into the bath could represent a very real danger!

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